Pradosh Paul


My journey as a painter has been one characterized by incessant experimentation with form, color and texture – the focus falling on form and color as more significant constitutive elements of the visual field. As for forms, they are often enough contorted fragments of living creatures – those of animals, birds and insects. There is, as a result, a deliberate refusal in my canvases to settle for what is docile and merely pretty, and that, let me hasten to add, right form the beginning.

Across the years, of course, there has been a shift too away from what is vividly identifiable to a more pronounced abstract quality in my paintings. As I see it, one very crucial development consists in my newly kindled feel for nature – what is left of it, that is. To sum up, my paintings are no visual hymn drawn in praise of some idyllic beauty but a truthful record of a deeply damaged life confronting us.

‘Don't be scared, my child'

‘Manuscripts of the peace'

‘Let's walk for peace'

Rater Kotha (Depths of the Night)
The book published in 2008, author Pradosh Paul.

Present thoughts: A Journey For Peace Through My Paintings

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